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I have a dream …

As all dreamer, I have the dream. My dream is to gather some innovation community and build great products within it. In this community, everyone will be able to share their ideas, experience and of course dreams and receive valuable feedback and help. I am sure that such communities already exist in numerous varieties but what if my wheel will be shorter then 2 * pi * R and a bit more exclusive 😛.

And as for all regular dream, I don't have any clue how to achieve it. So as the first step in the implementation of my dream I decided to create some space for a start just publish my thoughts, sketches, prototypes and projects.

It was the really long way with building this simple site because for now it is my hobby project and on the way to finish it, I learned new programming languages, new technologies and even new for me way of thinking. Oh and yes English is not my native language so writing each line of my text is harder than most of you might think.

At the moment I do not have any particular specialization of this site except computer technologies. My personal interest stretch to all computer technology spectrum from system programming for an embedded system up to web technologies in the clouds. I know this is not good, but it is better to start with this broad subjects and adjust along the way than not to start at all.

But the long story short, here it is - I can say that first version of this simple site is ready. So let's start the story …